More than a Miracle

More than a Miracle

Nash Rhodes is what some may call a miracle baby, for his father Jonah, his first birthday is more than a miracle.

"It's much more than celebrating a birthday, we are celebrating life." - Jonah Rhodes

Nash was born at just 1 pound and 14 ounces last year with a laundry list of medical problems.

Nash was 3 months premature, Had underdeveloped lungs, heart failure, clubbed feet, and barely had a chance of surviving his first night.

"He had almost every condition imaginable, but he's fought through all of it." - Father, Jonah Nash

Saturday he celebrated his first of many birthdays to come and almost clear of all his medical problems.

This machine is called a vent, that helps his lungs catch up to the rest of his body and will come off in the coming months. 

The Rhodes' driveway was packed for young Nash's party...

And his mother Melissa Rhodes says, without these people around Her family wouldn't have made it.

"These people prayed for him, and they just held us up during the hardest days of our lives." - Melissa Rhodes, Mother

The Rhodes say with Medicaid and insurance their medical expenses have been covered. But it's was still a had year to get through.

"We don't worry about things like money, what's going on at work or anything else. When we look at him and see that he is perfect, everything is ok." - Melissa Rhodes, Mother


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