Mosquito population grows as new mosquito borne illnesses emerge

Mosquito population grows as new mosquito borne illnesses emerge

TYLER (KYTX) - If you're planning a trip outdoors, beware mosquitoes season is here. As the threat of West Nile continues, new mosquito born diseases are popping up in other parts of the country.

There's Dengue-- which causes flu like symptoms and Chickungunya--which causes fever and severe joint pain. So far here in east Texas the biggest threat is West Nile. Specialist say the best way to get rid of mosquitoes is to destroy them before they hatch by getting rid of standing water.

The two most recent mosquito born illnesses aren't native to the US, cases of Dengue have gone down, and as for Chickengunya, there's one case so far in North Carolina, but health officials say the public should still do what it can to destroy the bugs at the source...

Mosquito eggs in just a cap full of water is enough to help breed those pesky biters.

In still creek beds and puddles of water, mosquito larva make themselves at home... And when the weather's right... They emerge...

"They're worse at home when I'm out sitting on my back porch."

For Tricia McGuire, things aren't so bad when she's on the trail.

"Not so bad when I'm moving an walking,"

With a late start to spring, health experts say, the mosquito population has grown.

"Once it settles like it is now like the rain we had yesterday now is the time that were gonna have nice warm days now is the perfect time for those eggs to start hatching," said NetHealth director Brenda Elrod. She said since spring began, fogger trucks, and new portable back pack foggers are helping keep mosquitoes at bay, but the best prevention should be a joint operation.

"It's like a patch work quilt if everyone does their on patch , they can make a bigger and bigger barrier and keep them out of the yard."

Bird baths, old tires and gutters are prime breeding grounds.

"The best way to control mosquitoes is to drain any standing water."

She says clearing out water every few days would dramatically cut down on the mosquito population.

But if you don't  in about five days you can have mosquitoes

As for McGuire, she'll be sure to step up her mosquito prevention efforts.

In some areas of the state, people are seeing bigger and more aggressive mosquitoes called "super mosquitoes". Contrary to the size of the mosquitoes in other parts of the state-- specialist doubt that larger mosquitoes have a higher chance of carrying illness.


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