Motorcycle awareness months urge drivers to Share the Road, Look twice

Motorcycle awareness months urge drivers to Share the Road, Look twice

TYLER (KYTX) - As it gets warmer outside, you can expect too see a lot more people out on  motorcycles and that's why the Department of Transportation is calling May: "Motorcycle Awareness Month."

CBS 19's Katiera Winfrey spoke to motorcycle riders who say, if everyone did their part to pay attention...crashes involving motorcycles and cars would drop.

Share the road and look twice is advice that could save a life.

"Is it worth it to put your life in danger or somebody else's life in danger, said motorcyclist Joey Allen.

Since his teenage years, Allen has lost a lot of friends to motorcycle accidents.

"I had a dear friend killed out here on highway 14, a young lady passed in a no passing zone...killed him instantly killed her too," Allen said.

Devastating losses like these, spur DPS to encourage drivers and motorcyclists to pay closer attention to each other.

"If you are involved in a motorcycle crash the likelihood of serious bodily injury or death is exponentially higher," said DPS trooper Jean Dark.

Numbers  from DPS show in 2013 about 500 people were killed in motorcycle accidents on Texas roads. That's about a five percent increase than the previous year.

DPS says drivers should look out for motorcyclists by double checking mirrors and blind spots. They should also allow more following distance and always signal before changing lanes. As for motorcyclists -- the law requires helmets for anyone under 21. People over that age can go without if they've had the proper training, but trooper Dark says every precaution helps.

"We would encourage people to take advantage of all the safety equipment," she said.

Allen said, "it's a two way street, motorcycles need to pay attention, cars need to pay attention.'

It's everyone's job to keep the roads safe. A few more tips to take while sharing the road, never tailgate. DPS say in dry conditions motorcycles can stop faster than cars, so it's important to give yourself plenty of time to stop when trailing a motorcycle.


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