Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month


  LONGVIEW (KYTX)-  Robert Johnson says he's been riding bikes since he was a teenager, and says he always picks his bike over his car.
    "It's the feel of the open road, the wind in your face and the freedom and power of being on a bike and everything about it really" - Robert Johnson, Avid Motorcyclist
   TxDot's share the road campaign encourages people driving cars to do two things. Watch out for motorcycle riders when switching lanes and at intersections,  the two most common places wrecks occur.
    TxDot says the numbers are shocking.Last year 460 people died in motorcycle and scooter crashes.
  "TxDot says that Motorcycle deaths have been down 6.1 percent since 2011 but bikers say that number is still way too high." - Kevin Boyce
   "Just watch for us, I think paying more attention is all that needs to be done' - Johnson
    TxDot says that 53% of deaths on a motorcycle could've been prevented by wearing a helmet.
   Even though Texas law doesn't require everyone to wear one, Kristie Brian of the Longview Police Department says using protective gear is the best thing motorcyclists can do.
   "Wear your helmet, wear your safety gear, so if you are in a collision it increases your chances of surviving" - Brian
  Robert says the numbers will never take him off his bike but it's not for everyone.
   "If you're fearful you should never be on a bike, it's not for the timid" - Johnson





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