Mount Pleasant tests alert system

The city of Mount Pleasant has taken an active role in keeping its people safe in case of a disaster.

8 years ago, the city implemented CodeRed. A messaging service for the people of Mount Pleasant and Titus County.

For Melissa Roach, she says as a mother, it benefits her well.

"If the weather is going to be bad where she is, than I know to make sure she stays put" -Roach

Since the system has been installed its been tested once. Next Wednesday the city will test it again, as if a disaster were to happen.

Mount Pleasant Fire Chief Larry McRae directs the system that sends out phone calls, text messages, and emails--in case of an emergency.

He says its a system that is very important.

"Mainly we have used it for weather purposes. Most recently the ice storm that came through knocked out the radio stations. And it was the only way we had to communicate" - McRae

"Whether you are at the grocery store shopping or just relaxing. The city will send you a message to let you know what is happening" -  Kevin boyce

"It allows us to put a message out to all the numbers in our data base to alert of an emergency" - Larry McRae

To sign up. All you have to do is go to the Mount Pleasant city web site and enter your information ---name, phone number, and physical address.

For Roach, she says it is a useful tool.

"When we travel it let's us know what areas not to go into' - Roach

In Mount Pleasant, I'm Kevin Boyce, KYTX CBS 19 News.


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