Nacogdoches Co. Sheriff's Department investigate hoax towards Woden ISD

Statement from Nacogdoches Sherrif's Dept. on Woden ISD Threat:

NACOGDOCHES CO. (KYTX) - The Nacogdoches Sheriff's Office received information yesterday afternoon around 5pm of a threatening message posted on Facebook towards Woden ISD.

Sheriff Jason Bridges, Chief Deputy S. Godfrey and investigators were called to the Sheriff's Office and started conducting an investigation.

A posting on a social media site called" Woden Trash" is where the posting was made. The posting has already been deleted when authorities started the investigation; however several people in the community had taken a screen shot of the posting and had forwarded it to the Sheriff.

Sheriff Jason Bridges stated that we were basically dealing with an anonymous person with a fictitious name that had made a statement on a social media website.

There were a lot of rumors going around that a certain person was responsible for this media site. By 7 PM the sheriff's office was interviewing that person and two other people. It was found that this particular person had nothing to do with this social medial site. 

For several hours Sheriff Investigators called and interviewed potential witness that may know anything about the social media site. In the meantime Sheriff Investigators were also dealing with the Company of Facebook to acquire the IP address of where the computer was located at that made the posting of the threat. 

During this time, Sheriff Jason Bridges remained in constant contact with Woden ISD officials to keep them updated on the situation. Around 12:00 am Chief Deputy Godfrey was able to obtain the IP address of the computer through Facebook. Using this information we then contacted the internet service provider who gave us the address to the residence. 

Around 1:00 am the Nacogdoches County Sheriff Office was able to identify three suspects in this case. All three suspects are fully cooperating in this investigation. It has been determined that one of the suspects in this case made a statement online that was referenced to Woden ISD.

The statement made was in reference to an ongoing blog of comments about several different things. During the blog, several individuals started talking about a fight happening at Woden ISD. This is when the suspect made there post in reference to other comments being made. 

Due to the comment made, this comment was sent out on its own merit to several other Facebook outlets. The suspects responsible for this social media site, due not attend Woden ISD. 

From the information that we have gathered, I can assure all our citizens that this was nothing more than a hoax, and none of these suspects present a viable threat toward our school. We still have a few more things that we are checking on for this investigation, and at the conclusion of it we will file the proper charges against the suspects.

I know that there are a lot of comments and rumors going on as to what is happening. I cannot release all the details of this investigation. I want to assure everyone that the school is safe, but as a precaution we will have deputies at the school throughout the week.

If nothing more is to have a presence at the school so our children feel safe as well. Furthermore, I can assure everyone that if we felt that this was a real threat that school

l would have been canceled and I certainly would not have allowed my son to go there this morning. I would like to thank all of the Woden ISD officials for the tremendous job that they have done as well. I can assure everyone that safety is the top priority for all of us. 



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