Names of Louisiana bank hostages released

ST. JOSEPH, LA (KTBS) - Investigators have released the names of the hostages held at a bank on Louisiana's eastern border.


Ledean McDaniel, Jay Warbington and Patricia White were all working at the bank when Amdo Ahmed took them hostage Tuesday.  

It all went down in the  small town of St. Joseph,  about 30 miles south of Tallulah.

20-year old Abdo Ahmed took the three employees captive shortly after lunchtime Tuesday. Ahmed had released White earlier in the day. It was

around midnight when Ahmed, who was thought to be suffering from schizophrenia, told negotiators he was going to kill the remaining two hostages.

That's when officers rushed in. Reports say Ahmed shot two of the hostages  before police shot and killed him.   

Louisiana State Police Trooper Albert Paxton says swat team members had no other choice but to storm into the bank after negotiations failed.

"We had issued a search warrant for his residence and there we found a book on hostage negotiations so he was planning for this," Paxton told KTBS 3's Eric James in a phone interview Wednesday evening.

Trooper Paxton says they're tried everything from talking with family and friends and even giving into some of his demands.

"He was angry. He was mad. He wanted to speak to a friend that lived in Alaska and we made that happen," said Paxton.

Those are all part of the tactics Paxton says they are trained to do when it comes to hostage situations.

And only when all efforts have been exhausted are they taught to storm in.

"He had written a letter saying  what all he was going to do and they made the decision to enter the bank and we felt that was the only thing to do to secure the hostages safely."

Hostage Ledean McDaniel is listed in critical condition.  Bank Officer Jay Warbington was killed by Ahmed.

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