Nearly 50 ETX schools make list for under performing

Nearly 50 ETX schools make list for under performing

TYLER (KYTX) - Nearly 50 East Texas schools are considered under-performing by the state based on academics and test scores.

That's according to the Texas Education Agency's final Public Education Grant list for 2013 released yesterday.

Longview, Tyler, Marshall and Nacogdoches ISD's all had multiple schools on the list.

From work in the classroom, to tests.

"We've become so focused on turning our kid into good test takers that we've forgotten we're supposed to be teaching them the material, they're supposed to be learning it, not memorizing it," says Jessica Loghry, who has a son in Tyler ISD.

She's not too worried over the Public Education Grant list.

"I'm happy with where he's at, I'm happy with his teacher, I know she puts everything into it," says Loghry.

The list shows under-performing schools in districts across the state.

But the state does allow parents to transfer their children out of under-performing schools to other districts, and the grant is meant to provide funding for those other districts to take care of the new students.

But we're told that rarely happens.

"Other districts won't take other students, everyone has crowding issues," says Karen Raney, TISD's Director of Assessment and Accountability.

Raney says the PEG list was created in 1995.

And the way it's set up, even if a school is doing better academically, they may still be on the list.

"If you had performance that dipped lower as much as three years ago, you're still on the list, and that's the case with the two high schools," says Raney.

But it gave parents options like charter schools, including Innovation Academy in Tyler.

"What you're seeing in education right now is a movement towards a lot more choice, and a lot more parental involvement in that decision making," says Eli Crow, the Superintendent at Innovation Academy.

Crow says the move is away from standardization that leads to a narrow view of a school and curriculum, and into new ways to learning.

And Raney says the new STARR test provides more information for parents, beyond a simple standardized test score.

"We get to look at performance, progress, college readiness," says Raney.

"I think parents need to be way more involved in their children's education than is expected of them," says Loghry.

Something Loghry says she takes pride in, for her son's future.

Tyler ISD says the PEG list shows problems from as far back as three years ago, which is why both high schools appear on this years list.







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