Neighborhood to see $15,000 worth of improvements.

Neighborhood Improvements


LONGVIEW (KYTX) - Jon Costello has lived in Spring Hill for 5 years now.  He says his home has been broken into 4 times, and his cars 3 times.
"When you move into a neighborhood, you expect things to be safe and secure. But you can't park a car on the side of the road without someone coming and taking what's yours."
Jon lives west of Gilmer Road - the area where RENEW! Longview will focus its efforts. The area contains over 800 properties and is home to thousands of East Texans. 
"It's an effort that combines all the city's resources into one area. To try to go in, and in a short period of time make an obvious difference."
RENEW! Longview began in 2009 and has already completed work in 2 other Longview neighborhoods.  Longview City Spokesman Shawn Hara says it is an opportunity to improve parts of Longview that need it quickly.
"We are doing work throughout city every day. But what we want to do with this is make a big improvement that the neighborhood can get involved with."
 The program tries to improve quality of life in neighborhoods through increased police patrols, park and street cleanup, and a neighborhood block party that will set up a neighborhood crime watch. 


OCTOBER 26 from 11 am to 1 pm, neighborhood block party on Clyde Street.




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