Neighbors fight Tyler bar/restaurant project, developers fight back

Neighbors fight Tyler bar/restaurant project, developers fight back

People in one south Tyler neighborhood are trying to stop a new bar and restaurant development under the belief that bringing alcohol into the area is dangerous.

The construction site at Old Bullard Road and Timberwilde Road was home to a bank for many years. The new project would bring a brew house, a wine bar and a restaurant to the property.

You don't have to get too far down timberwilde drive to find someone who's mad about the new bars.

"We are hoping to have a lot of support," Jamie Andrews said.

Andrews moved here five years ago.

"It's very quiet," she said. "Ideal for children and there are so many young families here now."

It's not just the noise that's unwelcome at the construction site across the street; it's the liquor and the drivers who drink it.

"I know that it will definitely increase the traffic through our neighborhood," Andrews said. "And people coming from a bar, being under the influence, is a great concern to all of us."

Recently a flyer has been going around. Andrews didn't make it. But hers is one of 39 families who have signed a petition. The flyer claims the project got rejected by city leaders and that an application for a liquor license with the TABC is a last ditch effort to open up shop.

"We don't want to engage in unnecessary public disputes," Hooper Tyler Properties LLC Property Manager Robert Means said.

Means and city leaders said nothing--including a liquor permit--has been rejected by planning and zoning.

The land in question has been zoned for commercial use since 1994. It was part of a larger planned development project that called for a bank. That was changed to restaurant use last year without a change in zoning.

"If we don't stand up for our property rights and make sure that we have respectfully, but firmly, refuted these inaccurate statements we wouldn't be doing ourselves justice and I think we would simply be inviting later problems down the road," Means said.

Andrews showed us a letter threatening a lawsuit unless she and others stop protesting the development.

Means declined to comment on any legal action.

The TABC has decided to hold a public hearing about whether this project should get a liquor license. That will be on August 1 at 10am at the Smith County Courthouse Annex.


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