Neighbors voice safety concerns after fatal pedestrian accident

MARSHALL/HARRISON COUNTY (KYTX) - "Walking? No I don't walk at night, not around here."

Many other people who live on North Franklin street in Marshall feel the same way especially after Marshall police say Samantha Mackinnon and her friend where hit by a car. Samantha didn't survive the accident.

"Nobody does 35 on Franklin, nobody."

Although the woman police say hit Samantha and her friend is cooperating with police, it's still under investigation whether she was speeding or not. Samantha's step-dad, Randy Taylor says it was a matter of time before something this tragic happened.

"People running the stop sign, not paying attention."

Retired Veteran, Hundis Gaston has lived on Franklin street for over 35 years. He says he's seen animals run over and many car accidents sitting on his front porch.

"They come down the street waving and zig zagging and spinning wheels."

Mr. Taylor says he never thought his step-daughter would be the victim of a deadly crash.

"She always told me she loved me before but this time it was a little bit different."

"Samantha's mom and step dad said the only reason she was walking was because her car wasn't working, they spoke to her and 30 minutes later, she was hit at this very spot on Franklin street."

"If the woman was doing 25, she would've bumped Sam and knocked her down, she would have a few bumps and bruises maybe a few broken bones."

But that's not what happened the night Samantha Mackinnon and her friend were hit walking down the street. Now people in the community feel the traffic on this long street needs more monitoring.

"I wish they would concentrate on stopping these speeders from coming down through here."

"Something needs to be done around here, it's horrible."


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