New cell phone case doubles as stun gun


 BATON ROUGE, LA (CNN) - An iPhone case on the market is packing more than just protection for your phone. But police warn to use it with caution.

It's called the Yellow Jacket Smartphone Stun Case. It's already sparked interest on the Internet. So the real question is-- does this thing pack enough punch to help you out in a bad situation?

The answer is yes. But police say you should get some training.

"Absolutely.  Learn  how to use it, learn the in's and out's of how to use it, so when it comes time to needing it, you're proficient at it and you're within the letter of the law," says Baton Rouge, LA Police Cpl. Tommy Stubbs

Yellow Jacket Co-Creator Sean Simone says, "Just like anything you have to practice.  You don't want to pull out your yellow jacket for the first time when you really need it.  You want to know how this would work.  How you would use it."

The Yellow Jacket is introducing training videos on their website. So if you decide to arm your phone, you won't get shocked at the wrong time. The inventors say they're developing i-Phone 5 and Android models and are looking into creating a more robust version for police use.


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