New Creation Foundation building new home in Troup for women with addictions

New Creation Foundation building new home in Troup for women with addictions

TYLER (KYTX) - If you're a mother struggling with addiction looking for help, but you don't want to leave your children behind, there's a place being built just for you.

At the corner of Joy street in Troup, you'll find a small house. Inside that home, a woman who is trying to find her own joy.

"I feel different. I feel like this is where I'm suppose to be," said La'Tease Ross.

La'Tease Ross spent nearly two months in jail. After she got out, the same drug temptations that haunted her before, began to come back.

She called the New Creation Foundation, in January, looking for help.

"I just felt like a huge wait was lifted off of me. Then when I came, I was just, I mean, I can't even describe it," said Ross.

La'Tease said she's turning to her faith for strength to fight her past demons. She helped paint these Bible verses around her temporary home as a reminder she can make it.

"I can be the mom I want to be, I can be the daughter I want to be. There's so many opportunities," added Ross.

With a shovel and the help of some caring people, "Bethel House" is being built to help more than 30 women in La'Tease's shoes.

The current home for women can house less than half of that number. With more room, the women can bring their children while they go through the one-year program.

"It could be drug addiction, it could be alcoholism, it could be anxiety and anger problems," said Rev. Greg Fleck. 

Rev. Greg Fleck is Founding Director of New Creation. He asks that you not call this home a rehab, because the people who live inside are being completely restored.

"We want to restore people, men and women and their children, to the lives God intended for us to have," said Rev. Fleck.

La'Tease said she's closer to God than ever before.

"Wherever God wants, that's where I'll go and I'm just going to leave it at that," said Ross.

Bethel House should be completed by this Fall.

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