New EPA guidelines could cost you at the pump

New EPA guidelines could cost you at the pump

TYLER (KYTX) - How clean is your gasoline?

It could be a lot cleaner and cost more.

New low-sulfur regulations wouldn't take effect for another four years, but there's already talk about the cost of a gallon of gas going up.

Gas is over 3 dollars a gallon right now.

Think about pumping another 8 to 10 cents a gallon into your car every time you fill up.

That's what some say could happen with the new regulations.

How much do you pay for gas a week?

"$100 maybe," says Jamal Mclendon.

"About $250," says Natasha Pilkington.

"$59 and 2 cents. I fill up about every week and a half," says Rebecca Weaver.

Weaver pulls most of her miles in town, driving around her 3 teens and getting to work.

"Have to have gas, so it would affect other areas, food, entertainment, the things the kids need," says Weaver.

The increase could come as a result of new Environmental Protection Agency guidelines, called tier 3 standards, meant to make the air cleaner.

"That rule by itself, will have the effectiveness of taking 33-million cars off the road," says Bill Becker with National Association of Clean Air Agencies.

The Obama Administration approved the rules to reduce sulfur in gasoline by more than 60 percent and nitrogen oxides by 80 percent.

The American Petroleum Institute says new rules could actually be bad for the environment, requiring petroleum producers to use more resources to meet the standards.

"They have to use more energy intensive equipment to comply with this regulation," says Rayola Douger with the American Petroleum Institute.

But the White House says the changes would lower pollution, cut healthcare costs and keep thousands out of the hospitals.

"I'll pay extra for that, but be nice if it wasn't so much that any little bit just adds up," says Michael Tate.

"Bound to cost more money and don't think it will benefit us very much," says Weaver.

These guidelines are already in place in California.

There are some lawmakers looking to have them put on hold, if not, we could see these prices go up in 2017.

The White House claims if the new rules take effect, it would help 23,000 kids avoid respiratory problems.

The oil and gas industry says the new EPA rules are the first of many that could add 60 cents to a gallon of gas.


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