New evidence leads to arrest in stabbing death of Sulphur Springs man

Police originally believed Justin Pawlik's stabbing death was self defense.   But new evidence suggests it was something more. Now the Sulphur Springs man who claimed self defense -- faces a murder charge.

The mother of 27 year old Justin Pawlik wants justice for her son.  He was found stabbed to death outside a home last Tuesday night. "No vengeance, no anger, no wrath, no judgement. Just justice," says Julie Bailey.

Clint Wilson told police his girlfriend, Dionne Penny, used to date Pawlik and in a jealous rage Pawlik came to his house with a knife. The two fought. Clint and Dionne had minor stab wounds -- but Justin was dead. Now autopsy results show Clint didn't tell police the whole truth.  "We got some results back yesterday from the Dallas county medical examiner's office. There was actually a portion of a knife found in Justin's body that we were not aware of at the scene of the crime," says Sergeant Monty Tipps.

That shows there were three knives involved in the fight. Clint said there were only two.

Justin's mom believes he was set up. He had been sleeping at her home when his grandmother heard a woman's voice coming from his room. "She heard a female voice.  A high pitched, anxious voice in Justin's room which was right next to hers," explains Julie. 

Then Justin left. His family believes he was lured over to Wilson's home.  "We know that someone came in and woke him up. We know that someone talked to him.  We don't know what was said," says Julie. 

Police aren't sure who that woman is or if she is even related to the case. Julie wants anyone with information to come forward.  "One last favor for Justin.  Look in your heart. Get the courage to come tell what you know," says Julie. 

Clint Wilson is charged with murder and police say he is no longer cooperating with the investigation. Dionne Penny has not been charged with any crime.


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