New Information: Two Gladewater students charged for false bomb threat

GLADEWATER (KYTX) -- Two students are facing charges of causing a false alarm, a state jail felony, after allegedly writing and planting a note threatening that a bomb would explode at 1pm Tuesday inside Gladewater High School.

"At noon, we started to hear people talking about that they found a note and a little bit after that our principal made an announcement that we were going to be going outside." Natalie Pellegalle said.

"There were puddles everywhere and it was freezing cold and we waited unnecessarily,"

Harris and Pellegalle are both gladewater students. They said in the age of social media everyone got to see what all the fuss was about.

"Some other students had taken a picture of it, and it was just really not good hand writing, written in pencil, some words were scratched out," Pellegalle said.

Thanks to the school's resource officer, the Gladewater Police Department got involved and they tell us pranks like this are tempting enough that teenagers seem to try pulling them at least once or twice a year. But this time they're hoping to send a message.

"In our day and time you can't take any threat flippantly," Gladewater Police Chief Farrell Alexander said. "You have to take it very seriously and act on it immediately. Felony charges and a good length of time in alternative education at the school is not what they need to do to try to get out of school early."

Classmates said instead of hiding behind an anonymous note the students should have turned themselves in.

"If they had taken responsibility for what they did they would have had less punishment," Harris said. "But they didn't."

"I think that if you don't learn how to take responsibility for your actions at a young age, then that won't be instilled in you when you're older," Pellegalle said.

Alexander said both students confessed to police. Because they're being handled by the Upshur County juvenile court system they could get off with probation.

The Gladewater Independent School District declined CBS 19's request for an interview.


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