New semester brings more fake IDs but local bar owners say they have a 0 tolerance policy

New semester brings more fake IDs but local bar owners say they have a 0 tolerance policy

TYLER (KYTX)-We're talking a lot about heading back to school these days and college students are part of that group.

A new semester brings new textbooks and professors, but what about a new fake ID?

As summer ends and college students return to East Texas, some may be bringing back more than they left with, like a fake ID.

"A lot of these students have been away back to Dallas or Houston or wherever they came from and they've had all summer to maybe try to obtain one," Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission Sergeant Marcus Stokke said.

But Stanley's owner Nick Pencis says that's something his restaurant isn't going to put up with.

"I think people are always going to try to get one over on someone, I think that's a problem I think as long as we do what were taught and trained to do its not going to be a problem here," Pencis said.

It's not only the fake ID owner who can be in trouble with the law, the person serving alcohol to someone underage could face charges too- something Pencis says Stanley's bartenders know very well.

"I think we're all smart enough and diligent enough to understand that this is our job and we're going to do our job and were going to follow the law to the letter," Pencis said.

TABC Sergeant Marcus Stokke says bar owners should be very careful this time of year.

"If I was a bar owner I would be knowing there are a bunch of minors in town for college and I would be looking at them more carefully," Stokke said.

The Half Moon bar manager says his bar isn't only strict on checking ID's to protect bar staff.

"It's better for the community around too because they know that we are taking care of what we need to take care of," Murray said.

Stokke says now-a-days his agents see more underage kids using an ID from an older friend or family member instead of a fake one someone manufactured.

"Our advice to the establishments is to really take a second look at the picture, don't do it in a hurry, make sure the person appears to be the person in the picture," Stokke said.

And he also has some advice for people under 21.

'They need to realize its really not a joke and the law is what it is- 21," Stokke said.

Stokke also told me that TABC regularly patrols local restaurants and bars and that agents definitely know what to look for.


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