New Sniper's Eye View At The Sixth Floor Museum

DALLAS (KRLD) (CBSDFW) The Sixth Floor Museum in Dallas has installed a live high definition webcam which allows viewers to see what alleged JFK-assassin Lee Harvey Oswald saw in 1963.

The webcame, installed by Earthcam, is in the southeast window on the sixth floor of the former Texas School Book Depository Building in Dallas.

"What the camera view shows is Elm Street, where the shooting occurred. And it shows a little part of Houston Street just to give people an understanding of the place," said Longtime museum curator Gary Mack.

President John F. Kennedy was assassinated while traveling in his presidential motorcade on Elm Street, allegedly by Lee Harvey Oswald, who is believed to have fired the shots that also severely wounded Texas Governor John Connally.

By Kelli Wiese | KRLD


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