New study links social media to divorce

New study links social media to divorce

TYLER (KYTX)-Neil Reed was happily married for 21 years.

"My wife discovered an old fiancee online- it went from texting and the next thing you know I'm divorced after 24 years in a relationship," Reed said.

They connected through Facebook, something Reed had set up for his ex-wife.

"She had said I wish you wouldn't have done that, I wish you wouldn't have set it up it's just too much trouble with all these things and so i just kind of left it alone and didn't give it much more thought until I noticed all the sudden she had a huge interest in Facebook," Reed said.

Reed doesn't think this is uncommon.

"I don't think it was originally intended for old lovers to reconnect again but as we see it happens all the time," Reed said.

According to a new study, heavy social media users are 32 percent more likely to think about divorce.

"Part of it is people have lost the ability and the art of communication and knowing how to communicate in a positive way," Licensed Marriage Therapist Doctor Wade French said.

People are looking to social media for communication instead of their significant others.

Reed agrees that communication is the key to a happy marriage.

"My advice to people is to be very open, put the phone down and communicate with people," Reed said.

Reed hopes that if people can work on their relationships this way, what happened to him won't become the norm.



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