New TxDOT app saves you money and helps the environment

New TxDOT app saves you money and helps the environment

 TYLER (KYTX) - Want to save money on gas while helping keep the environment cleaner? Well there's a brand new app called Roadcents, launched Friday by the Texas Department of Transportation.

Life for Tyler mom Martha Schulz can get pretty hectic. Her daughter Scarlet is finally walking and babbling away. So it gets pretty easy to forget to change her oil or check her tire pressure on time. Which she knows, can eventually lead to damage or poor performance, which can affect her pocket book.

"If you don't maintain your vehicle, it will eventually cost you more money when you drive," Schulz says.

So when she heard about TxDOT's new website and app Roadcents, she downloaded it immediately.

"It's a website that helps you save money, maintain your car and gives you a rough estimate of how much it's going to cost. It gives you an estimate of the annual cost of gas of trucks and the cars that you have, tips to maintain your car, and then there are breakdowns of how much it's going to cost you to repair it," Shulz says.

It also shows you where the nearest gas, service, inspections, and tow trucks are. That's her favorite part.

"Especially when you're leaving town and you're not aware where the next gas station is, or if there's a light that needs service you can just go ahead and go," she says.

You can register your car and phone, and then all this information, shows up in the app.

Plus, ozone levels rise in the spring and summer, so TxDOT says making your car run more efficiently using apps like this not only helps you  save money, but also protects the environment.

This website and app were launched as a part of the Drive Clean Texas air quality campaign.

To learn more about keeping your car in shape to save money and help the environment, click here and here.


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