Newest technology to keep your home safe from invaders

Newest technology to keep your home safe from invaders

(KYTX) - Two sheriff's departments are still trying to catch robbers who broke into two East Texas homes this week.

Homeowners were tied up, held at gunpoint, and had valuables stolen. One incident happened in Gregg county, the other in Rusk County. Both crimes were committed by three robbers dressed all in black, but investigators can't confirm the two crimes were done by the same people. 

After the two similar and scary home invasions, CBS 19 dug deeper  and found out this is part of a greater trend. Local experts say a home alarm system is the best way to protect yourself.


Craig wood has been in the security business for 18 years, he's an expert on protecting families. A recent trend has him shocked: criminals breaking in while people are home, instead of when they're away. 

"I know there's a little group doing it now, but a month ago, and a year ago this was happening. It's a scary trend," Wood says. 

Like many East Texans, Wood doesn't take that lightly, and wants people to know about technology available to help them stay safe. 

The first involves something called a wireless panic button.

"If you hear someone break a glass or into your house you can simply push a button from your bedroom or anywhere in the house and initiate an audible alarm and also call the authorities," Wood explains.

There are also outdoor cameras, which most people think are only used for businesses. 

"If you hear a noise outside, if you think you hear someone breaking in your house and you have outdoor cameras on the exterior of the house, that's also a good tool."

A camera can also deter someone from wanting to break into your house at all.

Last, there's a glass breakage detector. It is wired into your wall or ceiling and can sense the vibrations of someone breaking your window out. If that happens, this would trip your house alarm, which would alert police. 

Wood says being extra cautious can save you, so he also suggests putting your home alarm on when you're inside, day or night; not just when you leave. 

Criminals break into homes when people are gone too, so if you're leaving home for a weekend or a vacation, leave some lights on in your house, maybe even a TV, to make it look like you're home. 

You should also have a neighbor watch over your property, and pick up any newspapers or mail dropped at your door, so outsiders can't tell you're not there. 

We've reported this before, but also make sure you're not enticing thieves through social media.  Don't tell the online world you'll be leaving your home empty and unguarded. 


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