NTSB: Lower BAC levels will decrease drunk driving accidents

TYLER (KYTX) - The National Transportation Safety Board said it's pushing that all 50 states change their alcohol laws. It wants states to lower the legal blood alcohol content level for drivers from .08 to .05.

Those with the NTSB said it's a move that could cut down the 10,000 yearly fatalities caused by drunk drivers. NTSB investigators said lowering the BAC could save between 500 to 800 people each year because the lower limit would be reached with fewer drinks and be less of an impairment to drivers.

East Texas Mothers Against Drunk Driving said it's a good idea, but may not be practical.

"The things that we know will work.the interlocks, the ignition interlocks that will keep people from driving their cars while they're drunk...if we can't' get those to past in legislation then I don't believe we will ever get a point oh five to pass.I mean the things that are proven will work, we can't get our legislature to pass them," said Tammi Branch with MADD.

NTSB said sobriety checkpoints could also deter drunk driving. It says they would be more efficient if police were able to use alcohol sensors to better detect alcohol vapor in the air around drivers.

Right now more than 100 countries on six continents have BAC levels set to .05 or lower.


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