Numerous scam complaints and identity theft

Harrison Co Sheriff's Office:

HARRISON CO. (KYTX) - The Harrison County Sheriff's Office have received several complaints over the last few weeks regarding telephone solicitations that are very aggressive in attempting to gather personal information.

These types of scams are always within our society, and with the ease of making overseas telephone calls and throw-away telephones, these calls have become nearly a daily routine.

The majority of these calls come from Jamaica, the Bahamas, or Mexico. The telephone that frequently appears on caller ID from Jamaica is 876-580-1791. This is an old style "boiler-room" where you may hear people talking in the background and the caller will tell you they are calling from "Publisher's Clearing House" in Las Vegas, Nevada.

The statement used in 2 of these calls was "you are a runner-up winner and a new Mercedes car and a consolation check waits with only a $300.00 insurance payment for the delivery of the vehicle".

The caller will then give instructions on how to obtain a pre-paid credit card or Money-pack card and then make a second call at a predetermined time to obtain the PIN number for them to access the funds. Once you willingly give the caller that PIN number, very little if anything can be done to recover those funds; and there won't be a Mercedes or check for you.

A second telephone scam is someone advising that a "new insurance company is taking over your policy and mail-in pharmacy, if you use this service, and we need to verify your credit card information".

Another scare tactic type of scam is a "Jury Warrant" issued for the person answering the telephone. The speech then states that a warrant was issued for neglecting a jury summons, but may be removed for a credit card payment of $100.00 (or some other amount).

Of course, this type of scare tactic is followed by the caller making a statement "You wouldn't want your co-workers to see you being arrested at your workplace, would you"?

We are advising citizens that they should not give personal or credit card information over the telephone if someone has simply made a telephone call to you.

The scammers are very persuasive, and may even become harassing or bullying to you. If a legitimate company that you do business with needs information from you, a request will most likely come by mail. Remember, if any offer seems too good to be true, it probably is.


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