One year later: Jake Kimbley's death

Thursday marked the one-year anniversary of 2-year-old Jake Kimbley being found dead at the bottom of his parents' septic tank.

Jake's parents, David and Sabrina, reported the toddler missing on August 21, 2012 and news of the boy's disappearance spread across northern Smith County to the point that a sizeable search party formed. They combed the overgrown property on which the Kimbleys lived for hours. Finally, early the next morning, an investigator located Jake's body inside the septic tank.

That same day Smith County District Attorney Matt Bingham initiated a capital murder investigation in which David and Sabrina Kimbley have been and continue to be suspects. Results of Jake's autopsy are being kept under seal.

Bingham released the following statement Thursday:

"The parents of Jake Kimbley are in prison and their parental rights as to the other children have been terminated. The investigation into Jake Kimbley's death is active and on going. This case is extremely important and a top priority to me and law enforcement. I know that people may have questions about the case, but I know they will understand that we cannot release specifics about the case or the on going investigation because we do not want to comprise the case or the integrity of the investigation."

In the year that's gone by since that investigation began, Jake's five living siblings were removed from the Kimbley home and put in foster care. Video taken by investigators showed the house to be dirty, bug-infested and lacking beds for the children to sleep in.

Jake's oldest son was placed with his biological father out of state. The other four living siblings remain in foster care as their relatives attempt to satisfy state requirements and become their legal guardians.

Though the Kimbley parents have never been charged with murder, they were each charged with 13 counts of child endangerment. They accepted a plea bargain earlier this year in which each of them will spend four years in a state jail facility. Their parental rights to all remaining children have been terminated.


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