Only on CBS 19: Mother of abused toddler shares her side of the story

TYLER (KYTX) - The mother of a Smith County toddler, who was allegedly beaten by the mother's fiancee, is telling us her side of the story.

The mother's fiancee, Joshua Williams, is still in the Smith County jail charged with injuring the girl on November 20th.

"I was pretty sure it was him. There was no other explanation for it. But that he had done something to her."

We're not revealing her name or showing her face. She says she's received hateful messages and threats from people wondering why she would allow a man in her house, who allegedly beat her daughter.

"She liked him. She called him Daddy on certain occasions and would be happy when he came home. Everything just seemed fine," said the toddler's mother.

Joshua William's fiancee said she never expected him to allegedly beat her daughter so badly that she would have to spend several weeks in the hospital.

"He's a bad person in my book now and I hope I never see him again."

The mother said she left her two-year-old alone with Williams many times.

She was not expecting, what she saw, when she came home from running errands November 20th.

"She was foaming at the mouth, she wasn't moving."

She said Williams gave her an explanation.

"He said he was giving her a bath and she just went limp in the bathtub."

The arrest affidavit for Joshua Williams said he told Smith County detectives that he picked up the two-year-old girl and shook her, because she was crying after her mother left to run errands.

Williams told investigators, later that night, the girl used the bathroom in the bathtub. According to the affidavit, Williams said he was frustrated and grabbed her arm "really aggressively."

He said the girl slipped, hitting her ribs on the side of the bathtub. Tyler doctors said the girl had severe, violent blunt force to her abdomen.

"You would think you would know what to look for and the signs to look for. But it's just so hard. It just makes you realize you don't know who to trust," said the child's grandmother.

The child's mother said she had noticed bruises before.

"She would have bruises on her and I would just think it was her low iron. She's anemic pretty bad."

Now, she says, she wishes she would have spoken up sooner.

"If you see a bruise, just go with it. Go with your gut."



Shari Pulliam with Child Protective Services said there was a previous investigation of alleged physical abuse in August.

CPS believes the alleged abuse was happening in the mother's home. However, those with CPS did not say if they believe Williams was responsible.



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