Open carry of handguns introduced to house

LONGVIEW - GREGG COUNTY (KYTX) - State reps Chris Paddie of Marshall and George Lavendar of Texarkana recently co-filed House Bill 700. This bill relates to licensed handgun carriers to carry that gun openly and in plain sight, some East Texans say they're all for it.

Open- carry rights, it's a conversation Cody Klutz says usually stirs up quite a bit of controversy.

"Definitely like everything else, it has its positives and it's negatives."

 Sandy Fitts sells guns. She says having guns exposed will lower the crime rate in Texas.

"They actually see this person with an open carry, and this person with an open carry their going to think twice before they do wrong to somebody within that facility."

Kevin Perkins has his *own opinion about the bill.

 "It might also make people a target."

 "The advantages to being concealed and not concealed is people would be able to see it."

As pro-gun as Texas is, it's actually one of only six states that *don't allow you to carry a handgun out in the open.

 "Somebody that's been trained on how to use a handgun, been trained to carry and knows what to do in certain situations."

And if you're properly trained, klutz says open-carry should be a legal right.

 "I'll be one of the guys carrying it on my side."

If House Bill 700 is passed Texans would still need to pass an FBI background check to buy a handgun and take state classes to be licensed to carry a handgun in public, whether openly or concealed.


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