Outdoor fire safety warnings

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LONGVIEW/GREGG COUNTY (KYTX) - A spark from a lawnmower is blamed for a grass fire, just  north of Longview, Saturday.

   Johnny Zachary is Longview's Fire Marshall. He says it's a warning for people to be very careful as temperatures increase and so do winds.

"We have high winds, we have a lot of dry grasses and shrubs."

Grasses and shrubs that can easily catch fire.
 "Caution is advised, we do have a lot of dry fuels, if we don't get rain and the winds keep strong, than it's only going to get worse."
  "the Longview Fire Department says that fuel loads are anything that can burn in a fire like plants, grass or trees.  And because we've just been introduced to the Spring and warm weather here in Texas, some of those fuel loads from the winter are still dry."
"You can have a small fire turn into a big fire very quickly."
   That's why you have to be careful when you're grilling, doing lawn work or even smoking.
The Longview Fire Department offers this advice:
  1.   Design and maintain your home landscaping with wildfire safety in mind, if needed, ask your local plant nursery for help.
  2.    Make sure lawn care equipment and implements are in good repair.
  3.    Always have a water supply or fire extinguisher nearby during outdoor activities.
  4.    Use fire resistant pebbles and rocks around your home.
  5.    Store flammable's at least 30 feet away from your home and wooden fences. 
     If you don't...
"Keep in mind if a fire that you've started does get out of hand that it is your responsibility.'
  The Longview Fire Department says if a fire does break out, don't try to fight it yourself. The best thing to do is call the fire department for help.


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