Painting for West, Texas

The West fertilizer plant explosions killed 15, injured 200.. And left many people without homes.
    "There is an artist at the Waco store who's studio was just blocks from the explosion... her windows were busted out, and her ceiling caved in" - Kimberly Wells, Owner, Painting with a Twist
The owner of Longview art studio Painting with a Twist wanted East Texans to use their talents to reach out and help.
   She's calling this fundraiser Painting with a Purpose. 
"Painting with a Purpose brought people out to paint for victims in West, TX something they say is very close to their hearts." - Kevin Boyce
For painters like Karla Thomas, she says when she heard the news, she immediately wanted to help.
   "Well I didn't know how bad it was at first, until I first saw it on the news."
   The studio invited painters in Longview to come out and paint this symbol for $35 a person, with half of the money going to the West victims.
  The rest of the money covers the cost of materials.
  For Susan McCrackee, participating was an easy decision to make.
  "I could only imagine if I lost my home, my family members, and loved ones"
    Painting with a Twist has 85 studios across Texas and the South , and all will follow the Longview studio's lead and hold a similar event for West, Texas sometime in May.



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