Parent of Marathon Runner, Reacts to Tragedy

Natalie Bach finished the Boston Marathon just 40 minutes before the initial bomb exploded..Her father says with phone lines down, and the scenes of chaos on TV, it was a nerve racking day. 
  Natalie Bach, of Marshall, ran her 2nd Boston Marathon unaware of what the rest of the day would bring.
    Her father, Mate Bach called Natalie as soon as he heard what happened.

    "They said it was at the finish line, and when people are through with a marathon they hangout there for a while. So we were pretty concerned, and we couldn't contact her because the phones were down." - Nathan Bach

   The only way he found out she was okay was a Facebook status update by Natalie's husband, stating "we are fine".
     Mason Lieberman is a student at Berklee college of music in Boston --- his dorm is just 2 blocks from the finish line... And the Tyler native says he heard the explosions.

   "I was working on a little bit of music when I heard a bang, than I heard another bang. So I went downstairs to see what was going on" - Lieberman

Nathan is just thankful for his daughter's safety.

   "We found out she was fine, and than we learned how close she was to tragedy... With so many people who didn't get the good news we did, it became very sobering." - Nathan  
  Mason Lieberman says he is fine, and that his school has been on strict lock down since the explosions.




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