Cell phone video shows listing cruise ship

Dramatic video shows a close call onboard a Carnival cruise ship bound for Seattle.

Dramatic video shows a close call onboard a Carnival cruise ship bound for Seattle.  The incident happened last week, but cell phone video of the scary ordeal is now being shared on social media.

Puyallup resident Randy Gibbs and about 20 of his family members were onboard The Carnival Legend on August 29th.  They were nearing the end of a seven-day Alaskan cruise. 

Gibbs says the ship was preparing to make one last stop in Victoria, B.C. before returning home to Seattle when it made a sudden turn and listed.

"It just seemed to me like we might be going over," said Gibbs.  "It was definitely a panic situation."

Gibbs shot several videos of the scary few minutes, during which he says the ship listed so severely that water from the pools came pouring out, over the side of the ship and onto the balconies below.  

At times in the video, Gibbs can be heard trying to reassure his nine-year-old son and his 91-year-old grandmother that the ship wasn't sinking.

"To me it felt like we were trying to avoid another ship, like a head-on collision, because all of a sudden it went from a real gradual turn to a hard right hand turn," he said.  "And then at that moment, the waterfall came down from the top and I just told everyone to get inside off the balcony."

Towards the end of Gibbs' video, a crew member can be heard on a loudspeaker in the background, letting passengers know what had happened.

Gibbs said they were told the listing was because of a technical issue that involved the ship's steering gear.

Videos from passengers show water pouring out of the pool and onto balconies below. Others show passengers scrambling, while photos show broken dishes.

"It was just a relief afterwards, that we didn't go over," said Gibbs.  "It really was something to see, when everything was crashing to the ground."

Carnival said in a statement to Cruise Hive, that the ship "experienced a technical issue related to the ship’s starboard steering gear which caused the ship to unexpectedly list."  KING 5 also reached out to Carnival for comment, but hasn't yet heard back.

Gibbs said it will be awhile before he gets onboard another cruise ship.

"It was an adventure I won't forget," he said.  "But yeah, it was good to be back home."

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