Penn State assistant coach Mike McQueary receiving death threats

(CNN) - The assistant football coach who reportedly told Joe Paterno in 2002 that he'd seen assistant coach Jerry Sandusky sexually assaulting a young boy in a campus shower won't be on the field for tomorrow's game.

Penn State says there have been "multiple threats" against Mike McQueary, and that the university believes it's in the "best interest of all" to have him stay away from the game against Nebraska.

University of Nebraska says they have no plans to ask that the game be canceled or relocated, but they are asking Penn State for some assurances on how they plan to keep the Cornhusker team and its fans safe on Saturday.

The school's concerns were prompted by Wednesday night's riots on the Penn State campus, after the firing of legendary coach Joe Paterno.

"I know there is some student activity there, to try to make sure Nebraska fans are treated well. We'll see how that works out." says Nebraska Athletic Director Tom Osborne. "Far as we can tell, we've done everything we can, and Penn State people have done everything they can. So we feel relatively good about things."

Osborne is suggesting Nebraska fans may want to avoid wearing red, the team's signature color to tomorrow's game.


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