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Pet Outfit

TYLER (KYTX) - When it comes to buying clothes and costumes for our pets, groomers say we should be more concerned about whether they're comfortable than cute.

Amanda Clark with Whitehouse Veterinary Hospital says if you're dressing up your dog, don't keep them in clothes for too long. This is especially important if they have long hair.

"It will cause matting." she says. "It will cause some skin issues. Consider if you wore a sweater for three days in a row. You probably wouldn't feel too good about it either."

When the weather gets really cold, Clark says it's ok to put sweaters on small, short-haired dogs. But, they need to be taken off once they're back inside.

"People don't realize how warm it is in their house with the heater on."

That's where Linda Mullenax keeps her rescue puppy, Little Bit.

"We do not put outfits on her." she says. "She wouldn't tolerate it if we did."

No Halloween costume for Little Bit this year.

"We don't dress our dog and we don't dress ourselves either for Halloween."

If you do plan on putting your pet in costume, Clark says you should make sure it's not too tight and there are no small parts.

"Dogs are going to chew on everything that they can find."

She says it's also a good idea to let your pet try on the costume a couple days before Halloween.

"Because, you don't want your dog to freak out on Halloween after you've put a costume on it and it won't walk around in it."

And, if your pet just isn't adjusting to costumes or clothes, she says you should keep them inside this fall and just let them wear their natural fur coats.


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