Pittsburg Offers $20,000 for New Business

Pittsburg Offers $20,000 for New Business

PITTSBURG (KYTX) -  The City of Pittsburg is looking to expand its tax base, commerce, and improve quality of life for its people. The first step is bringing in more businesses. Briggette Blackburn has lived in Pittsburg for a year and wants more grocery stores in town.

"I like the town, I like the people.  I just wish we had a choice when it came to buying groceries." - Briggette Blackburn, Resident

Pittsburg's City Manager Clint Hardeman says a unique competition will help find new business. Starting in September, Pittsburg's Economic Development Board will begin the Pittsburg Innovation Entrepreneur, A.K.A. the "pie" competition. The winner will receive the $20,000.

"We want to be able to provide a variety of business and successful businesses to our community. We're open to retail, restaurants, and even industrial businesses." - Clint Hardeman, Pittsburg City Manager

The Board will accept business plans from September to February, and will even offer a free, 2-day course on how to develop business plans.  It will study the plans and pick 5 finalists in March, and choose a winner in April.  The money was approved by the city council, and has been budgeted for the next year.  The $20,000 will be paid over the course of one year. 

"We need economic development. It helps grow a healthy community. We need to create jobs and we need to create tax base." - Clint Hardeman

The competition is open to anyone but the business must be located within the Pittsburg city limits and the winner is required to spend a third of the grant on products from Pittsburg. Blackburn is excited to see what comes to town.

"I go to Mt. Pleasant to buy most of my groceries, and to shop. It's tough making a special trip." - Blackburn

 The city hopes this project keeps more money at home.


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