Pizza wins big Super Bowl Sunday

In just five days, hundreds of thousands will tune in to CBS 19 to watch the Super Bowl. While the remote may be in one hand, statistics show a slice of pizza will be in the other. CBS 19's Amanda Roberson has more on the football favorite.

Pizza stores across the country will be cashing in on super bowl Sunday because it's the biggest day of the year for pizza sales. Stores like Papa Murphy's will have twice the amount of employees working through the weekend to make sure every football fan is full and happy.

As the NFL gets ready for a super bowl show down on the grid iron, pizza company's are getting ready for a show down in the kitchen.

"We are prepared. This is the biggest day of the year," explained Tyler Papa Murphy's General Manager Rob Williams. He said pepperoni pizzas are the most popular pie on game day, making up about 25-percent of their Sunday sales. "In order for Papa Murphy's to pull off Super Bowl Sunday we have to make 400,000 dough balls, 119 tons of mozzarella cheese has to be graded, seven million slices of pepperoni has to be prepped, and 16,000 gallons of pizza sauce has to be prepped as well."  

But all of that prep work won't start until Friday, when employees show up at 5am to start mixing, slicing, and dicing. 

"Pepperoni and onions. Thin crust. That's what I eat." Sewell Cox of Tyler knows exactly which pizza he'll be eating during the Super Bowl, as he roots on the 49ers. "It's convenient, and it's good, and it goes good with beer! You don't have to cook. Just get it and eat it." 

And while we don't know which team will win the Super Bowl, pizza is already a guaranteed winner.


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