Plane crash simulation prepares local first responders

Plane crash simulation prepares local first responders


 "Major damage to the aircraft some are severe, some are ambulatory."
  All a part of today's simulated plane crash at the East Texas Regional Airport.
   Wednesday's scenario, a plane skids off the runway during a landing causing dozens of in
Juries and even death.
     Amy dean is a volunteer, playing a victim in the plane crash...
    "Someone that's just with bruises, nothing major today, but they will know how to treat it, and see if I need to go to an ER and assess me and everything."
   Roy Miller is the Director at the East Texas Regional Airport.
  He says there's a reason today's simulated plane crash involved nearly 100 local EMTs, firefighters, sheriff's deputies and airport public safety workers.
     "Obviously it's a regulatory requirement but on the other hand, we want to make sure that should we unfortunately have an accident out here, we'd be able to  that in accommodate the safest and most  expeditious manner possible."
The main focus here is time, because every second that's wasted could mean another person's life.
"Our response team has a certain amount of time to be at the scene, dIspense agent, get the fire knocked down and start saving passengers."
That federal requirement for the airport's fire department to get on the scene is 3 minutes, but miller says it usually take his team no more than 2.
"It's just a way to prepare and know what to expect if something does happen."
Because if it does...
   "First have to determine what may have caused it. Was an aircraft event, was it a terrorist event, what may it have been?"
  Saying whatever the case may be, simulations like today's keep all law enforcement agencies and first responders prepared.
  The East Texas Regional Airport plans to review all angles of Wednesday's simulation and make the necessary changes to their current emergency plan, if needed.


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