Police chase through Whitehouse and Troup ends in arrest

TROUP (KYTX) - A fender-bender in Whitehouse turns into a full-blown police chase when the person involved in the wreck flees the scene.

CBS 19's Courtney Friedman shows us exclusive video of the man's sobriety test, and his arrest.

"I felt like I was on a Cop's episode. it was awesome," said Trey Roberson. 

It was a scene Brookshire's employee Trey Roberson never expected to see on a Sunday afternoon in Troup.

"I saw the white car that the guy was in, pull in with the whole front of the car dragging on the ground," said Trey Roberson.

Trey's co-worker, John Roberson, was outside when the car pulled in.

"I saw a couple of cop cars pull over a car and I just thought it was someone getting pulled over for speeding," said John Roberson.

It didn't take long for witnesses to realize this was no normal traffic stop.

"The Whitehouse cop pulled up, opened his door and pulled out a gun and was like 'Get on the ground! Get on the ground!' We're all freaking out like running around here," said Trey Roberson.

Then finally, the surrender.

"Then you see two hands come out and he gets out and the cop just gets on him to arrest him, it was just crazy," said Trey Roberson.

The chase started in Whitehouse, where police tell witnesses the man was involved in a wreck.

"They said that he had hit another car, and just took off," said Roberson.

The chase ended at the Brookshire's in Troup. From there on, everything was downhill for police. As for the guy who ran, his problems were only beginning.

Next came the sobriety test, which roberson says didn't go so well.

"He was wobbling side to side, couldn't even get his foot off the ground," said Trey Roberson.

After the man was taken into custody, Whitehouse police searched alongside stretches of Troup Highway where they say the man threw a baggie out of his window.

The investigation continues, but in the end, witnesses say they're glad a dangerous driver was taken off the road.

"It makes me feel a lot better knowing that he can't hurt any of my friends or family," said Roberson.

Whitehouse police are leading the investigation, but would not comment on the chase today. We expect to hear more details from them tomorrow.


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