Police close-in on Longview missing man

LONGVIEW/GREGG COUNTY (KYTX) - Frankie Gammage is the mother of Ronnie Joe Gammage Jr. who has been missing for over 2 weeks now. She says knowing that police have made a connection and identified people who may be able to provide information on Ronnie's whereabouts, gives her a little peace of mind. But she said she will not be satisfied until she knows exactly where her son is.

This video from December 4th at the Gilmer National Bank may bring Longview police one step closer to finding Ronnie Joe Gammage Jr.

While police are not releasing the names of these three men and one woman, they plan to interview them and get some answers.

"I still have hope it's been two weeks and some days I think, I'm just going to give up."

The last time Frankie Gammage says she saw her son was the evening of December 4th, after he left Gilmer National Bank.

Longview police say on December 4th, Ronnie Joe Gammage Jr. made a withdrawal at this Gilmer National Bank, and just 20 minutes later the individuals in the video provided by the bank attempted to make a 400 dollar withdrawal under Gammage's account.

But there wasn't enough money to complete the transaction. Frankie Gammage believes whoever is involved took advantage of Gammage's mental disability, and didn't stop at trying to get money out of his account.

"I think they had been in his apartment and I think he knew who they were and thought they were his friends."

With the surveillance video playing over and over in her head, her main question is...

 "If you are not involved, why haven't you went to the police to say that you knew him or that you knew people that knew him, and where you got his check!"

Longview police planned those interviews for sometime today, but there's no word yet what information they may have uncovered.


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