Police investigating animal cruelty

GILMER/UPSHUR COUNTY (KYTX) - Staff at the Animal Medical and Surgical Hospital in Gilmer have been trying to improve the condition of 2 dogs who were brought in two weeks ago after the Gilmer Police Department said their owner had them tied up outside on a short leash with no food or water to drink for weeks. One of the dogs unfortunately didn't make it. Dr. Nazzel says this is in ongoing problem here in our country that has to be addressed.

A local vet disturbed at the thought of animals left outside in East Texas' recent rain, sleet and snow.

"It was like they tied the dogs out and were watching to see how long it would take for them to die."

Dr. Cherrie Nazzel is the owner of Gilmer's Animal Medical and Surgical Hospital.

She says the two malnourished pit bulls brought in by Animal Control were among the worst she's ever seen.

"This dog looked like bones with plastic stretched over the bones."

With health conditions literally eating away at them both.

"Were injesting their own worms over and over again and were full of parasites."

Dr. Nazzell says if you don't take proper care of your animals they could end up with these, worms. These worms lay eggs that end up on the outside of your pets, and your children are going to naturally play with these pets, put their hands in their mouths and these worms can end up inside of your children in their eyes, brain and dr.NAZZEL SAYS EVEN IN THEIR MUSCLES.

A problem Shirley Fox says she doesn't have to worry about with her pup.

"It's a job to take care of them like it is a baby but like I said they give back so much that it's worth it."

But with one dog dead, and the other recovering from neglect and malnutrition - Roy Murrell says it's clear not everyone thinks the same.

 "I don't understand why people would do that why even own something if you're not going to take care of it."

 "Just take care of them, feed them, give them food, water, shelter , love them."

Dr. Nazzell says if there's an animal that you no longer want or can't afford to take care of them, the best thing to do is to take them to the nearest animal shelter in your city during business hours.


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