Poll: Voters identifying more as "independent"

Poll: Voters identifying more as "independent"

TYLER (KYTX) - Voting season is here, and many people identify with a particular political party. However, a new Gallup Poll shows that more and more people are taking an individual approach to political voting patterns.

CBS 19's Katiera Winfrey spoke to east Texans who share what they think is responsible for the shift in political identity.

During election season, the colors red and blue are the primary colors used to identify political parties.

But those two colors don't tell the whole story. The color white could be taking over.

"If you just say I'm an independent I have different ideas it  just makes more sense cause everyone has an idea of what  different and what's not," said Samuel Cook.

He grew up in a conservative household, but now holds a more liberal view of politics. He's a part of the growing group of people who consider themselves independent. 

"It makes being independent more logical cause you don't have to be tied down to the idea," Cook said.

The national Gallup Poll shows the number of people who identify themselves as independent has reached an all time high, out ranking Republican and Democrat support. That same poll shows those who identify with the Republican Party has dropped to a 25 year low while Democrat support has stayed the same.

"They're independent conservatives is a good way to put it," said Rick Eisenbach.

Eisenbach is the Vice President of Grassroots America "We the People"  -- a conservative tea party group-- he says the shift really isn't hard to believe.

"I think people are realizing that the Republican Party doesn't  represent them as it did maybe decades ago."
He says although party identification is changing he doesn't expect to see Texas change it's colors.

Cook on the other hand says it's possible.


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