Positive response to alcohol in Lakeport

LAKEPORT/GREGG COUNTY (KYTX) - Food, house hold items, gas and now alcohol, all available in Lakeport's local corner store skinners.

"Everything I need, a little food, now beer I don't have to go across the bridge, gas, cigarettes...all of it right here."

Billy Davis is one of the people in the small town of 984 who voted for limited alcohol sales. It pasted in November's election. He says now that skinners carries beer and wine he doesn't have to travel into Longview on the weekends.

"Ain't got to go nowhere else, I'm closer to the house."

Owner Stephen Skinner says that's exactly the reaction he was aiming for from his customers.

"Now those who stop into Skinner's have a choice of wine from the store's 50 foot wine shelves or beer chilling in the store's 32 foot cooler."

"Two guys came in yesterday from Krogers, they bought beer and wine and said 'wow we wish we would've known ya'll had that, we came here to get our steaks, next time we can get them both at the same place.'"

Beer and wine have been on the shelves of skinner's for a little over a week. And since, Skinner says his store's sales tax has doubled nearly everyday.

"By having these products people may come in and buy gasoline, ice, soft drinks all those items are taxable items."

But he isn't the only one who will benefit from the increase in revenue. 

"It can help to improve our streets, our sewer systems, our lighting, provide new police cars, those are things over time we hope to see that improvement."

Owner Steven Skinner adding the beer and wine to his local store has done nothing but energized his customers and the community. Just last week they've added 14 new wines to accommodate their everyday customers, they've got new registers and they're even looking forward to teaming up with some local wineries and doing a little business.


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