Power restored to most after storms

Power restored to most after storms

RUSK COUNTY (KYTX) - Some East Texans are still waiting for their power to be restored after Thursday night's storms.

Downed trees from the high winds were part of the problem, knocking over power lines.

Many people spent their day cleaning up the mess.

The 86-year-old woman who lives in a home in Rusk County was actually at home at the time when the tree came crashing down.

Family members say the damage would've have been so bad if the whole root system hadn't been pulled up, pulling the house apart.

After the storm, the work begins at this house in Rusk County.

Last night, it was a scary scene for family members.

"Out in Shreveport and got a phone call, came back in a hurry and found a tree had cut the corner of her house off," says Richard Anz, the son-in-law of the woman who's house was damaged.

Anz found his mother-in-law's house literally in half.

"Kind of confused right now, to say the least. Devastated her," says Anz.

Heavy winds knocked trees into roadways and left vehicles covered with debris.

Power lines were knocked down, cutting off power to many.

"I was not expecting to be without electricity this long," says Kellie Baker.

Baker had to find a way to keep her 5-month-old daughter, Alaina, cool.

"Dad's been here all night and we've worked on getting that tree cut up. She's been at my in-laws," says Baker.

This tree pulled the plug on their lines.

Luckily, just damage and no injuries.

"She's fine, trying to figure out what to do right now," says Anz

But a scary moment for Anz's mother-in-law, who's lived here more than 30 years, and lost half of her home.

"Right this moment she's homeless, but we're going to get it fixed back up and se can live in the other half," says Anz.

People continue to clean up limbs, trees, any debris left behind by the storms Thursday night.

The family says the tree will be removed, and this side of the house will be too, and it will be tarped so they can move her back in to live.

Anz says his mother in law does not have insurance to help pay for the damages.

At the height of the storm, 4,200 people were without power.

Crews continue to work to get power restored.


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