Powerball Frenzy in Texas

(KYTX) - The Powerball jackpot is $550 million- a cash value of more than $360 million.

Kim Eason says this is her first time to ever buy lottery tickets. With the Powerball jackpot this high, she says she just couldn't pass up the chance to win.

"Just, all of a sudden, I saw that it was up there, and I just decided to go ahead and purchase tickets today." she said.

And, Tyler convenience store attendant Sohail Ahmed says Eason isn't the only person giving it a shot.

"There have been quite a few customers coming in, and it picked up since the Powerball went up to $500 million. So yeah, we've gained in sales today."

Each person only has a 1 in 175 million chance of winning. Those statistics didn't seem to phase people though. In fact, Ahmed said he'd already sold $690 worth of Powerball tickets before 5 p.m. Wednesday.

Many people bought multiple tickets at one time or went into pools to try to better their odds.

"We have people at work who bought tickets together and my husband's job as well." says Eason.

The Texas Lottery Commission estimates Powerball sales were at more than $46,000 per minute.

Many ticket holders who live in countries and states where Powerball tickets aren't sold crossed borders to get their hands on them. But, Ahmed says he's hoping the winner lives a little closer to home.

"If we get a winner from this store, it'll be a huge surprise."

Last year, Texas had 16 second-tier Powerball winners, but there has never been a Powerball jackpot winner from the Lone Star state.



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