Prayer vigil for missing Grand Saline teenager

GRAND SALINE (KYTX) - Family, friends, and classmates are praying for the safe return of Charity Pulley.

The 17-year-old Grand Saline High School student went missing more than two weeks ago. Police believe she may be with someone she met on the Internet.

With hands held, students gathered at Grand Saline High School just as the sun was coming up.

They prayed and embraced the family of 17-year-old Charity Pulley.

"As time has progressed, the situation has gotten more dire. The students have realized the situation is more serious," said Donna Taylor, Charity's teacher.

The Pulleys said the Tuesday night Charity went missing, everything was normal.

She ate dinner, did her homework and went to bed. The next morning, Charity was not her in her room.

She didn't take her cell phone or ID.

"She had the most beautiful hair...and her voice, it was honestly like an angel," said Jessica Swindell.

Charity's best friend, Jessica Swindell, said it was unlike Charity to leave her things behind and not tell anyone.

"That's what worries me. Every time anything went wrong with her or something was bad. I would be the first to know," said Swindell.

Police said Charity's internet usage shows she may have been speaking to various men on different dating websites.

It's possible she may be with one of those men.

Kandice Hayes said Charity had mentioned leaving home.

"Sometimes she had talked about running away. But I never thought she would actually do it," said Hayes.

Jessica said charity often talked with her about being unhappy.

"I would tell her think about this , God is with us, holding our hands. I would tell her everyday," said Swindell.

Now, her classmates and teachers are hoping she will walk back into this band hall where she played clarinet.

"We hope Charity will see this and realize how much we miss her and how much her family misses her and she will try and make contact and get home," said Taylor.

Her best friends, ready with open arms, when she returns home.

"I will always be her first best friend. I miss her so much and it's not the same at church without her," said Swindell.

Grand Saline police investigators said they've received calls, but no one has been able to tell them where Charity is located.

We're told the FBI has also offered assistance finding Charity. If you have any information, call police.



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