Preacher fatally shot by own gun while trying to stop burglar

HARRIS COUNTY (KHOU) - Deputies said a 69-year-old homeowner died after he was shot by his own gun during a scuffle with an apparent burglar.

The victim was later identified as Don Frazier, a preacher and writer who has made numerous TV appearances.

The crime happened around Friday 1:15 a.m. at Frazier's home in the 4200 block of Amber Lake Dr. in northwest Harris County.

Sheriff's deputies said the preacher and his wife heard a noise downstairs in their garage -- it was the sound of their generator turning on. When the husband went down to investigate, somehow the burglar managed to take the homeowner's gun -- shooting him dead just outside the garage.

Frazier's wife heard the shooting and called 911 as the gunman fled.

Area residents heard the gunshots, but some said they thought they were fireworks.

"We didn't think much of it -- being 4th of July," said neighbor Rick Soto. "We just thought it was fireworks, but it sounded something different after that. We didn't hear any commotion or anything. It's sad to hear. He's real friendly -- waves to me. I believe he was true to his faith, had a good religion, was good in the community. They were a really nice couple."

Deputies said they later saw the suspect, 30, walking near the victim's house. He had ditched the gun in a trash can but still had blood on his clothes. He was taken into custody and identified as Daniel Durham.

Deputies said Durham later admitted to shooting the preacher.

A subsequent investigation revealed that community security guards stopped and talked with Durham about an hour before the shooting. They let him go after he claimed his mom lived in the neighborhood and he was just going for a walk.

According to his website, Frazier was known for spiritual books and songs.



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