Prehistoric Fish is Reintroduced to an Old Home

Prehistoric Fish is Reintroduced to an Old Home

JEFFERSON (KYTX) - These 3 foot long Paddlefish have been on a steady decline the last 50 years and are rarely seen in East Texas habitats. Biologists, wildlife conservationists, and these 8th graders watched as these fish swam away. Edgewood ISD Student Kassidy Snyder will be tracking the progress of the fish with her class.

"We really wanted to do something big. And helping to save a species is pretty big."
According to the nature conservancy's Andy warner, dams built in the last 50 years have caused the rivers to lose their natural current.
"Those flows are critically important in sustaining these populations."
The fish traveled from Oklahoma in this tank to this be placed in this river, where the numbers are expected to multiply.
"These fish will be tracked to see how they respond to these current conditions"
The fish were surgically equipped with a radio transmitter that will help keep tabs on them 24/7.
The idea is that these fish will spread into Caddo Lake and other waters. 
Snyder says she hopes the fish  makes a comeback. 
"They aren't just fish, they have a purpose and that's why they are here."
The fish is listed as a threatened species by Texas Parks and Wildlife.


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