Preparing for flash flooding

Preparing for flash flooding

(KYTX) - First responders across East Texas are getting ready for those potential flash floods, and are warning drivers to prepare as well.  

On our roads, a little rain can cause major flooding. Monday night and Tuesday, we're expecting a lot of rain.

"If we get the rain too quickly, that's what's going to cause the problem."
Tyler's Assistant Fire Marshal Laura Mason says it happens every year, people under estimate what a couple inches of rain on the road can do.  
"Two inches with some of our lighter and smaller cars can easily wash them off the road and into a lot more water into the ditches and things," she says.

With anywhere from two to five inches expected across the region -- first responders are hoping drivers will take their safety seriously and prepare.  
Mason says you should put things like flashlights and flotation devices in your car just in case. Hopefully by picking the right route, you can avoid an accident. 

"Whatever you do, do not try to go through an area where there's water covering the road," Mason says. "You just never know how deep it actually is." 

The depth of water on the road can be very deceiving so even if you're familiar with a street, don't risk it.  Mason says she has seen and heard of all types of horror stories from water rescue crews.  

"The road had actually collapsed and washed away and that was all water. there was no road base so when they drove off into it, immediately their vehicle went under water," she says.

Usually the same streets tend to flood when we get lots of rain so if you've had experience with a flooded road before, stay away from that one on your way to work Tuesday.  

Some other typical flood areas you should watch out for are roads that are caved in low under bridges are always bad, and any roads near creeks and canals are also ones you want to stay away from.  

For information from DPS on hydroplaning, click here.


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