Preparing for severe weather

TYLER (KYTX) - Whether it be a lightning strike or tornado, have you taken the steps you need to make sure your family stays safe and prepared for the worst during severe weather?

Most days the skies are sunny, and you're not worried about where your umbrella is when you need it.

But that's exactly when you should be making plans for a natural disaster.

Jessica Loghry knows exactly where she would take her kids if there was a tornado in Tyler.

"Plan of action, instantly going to the little club house. They have fun in there and there are blankets in the wardrobe and the pantry is 5 feet away," says Loghry.

The plan is simple, but effective.

She also keeps canned food, flashlights and batteries ready in case a big storm rolls in knocking out power.

"I can replace stuff, if everything in my house gets damaged, I have insurance, I have an act of god clause. But I can't replace my kids," says Loghry.

"Get 3-5 days worth of basic supplies, food, water, shelter, get all that in one spot," says Matthew Brown, an emergency services field specialist with the Red Cross.

He says along with food and a game plan of where to ride out the storm, you need a weather radio or other battery powered device to keep you up to date on safety information.

Because if you plan, you don't panic.

"Who's ultimately responsible for taking care of you and your family? It's you," says Brown.

And that piece of information is one Jessica takes to heart.

"You take precautions, not a second thought behind it, you just do it," says Loghry.

The Red Cross has several smart phone apps you can download to keep you up to speed and alert you of severe weather.

Of course, CBS19 has weather apps to stay on top of everything too.

Obviously with the storms Thursday, it's a reminder.

But this is part of Building Safety Month as well.

Next week is Disaster Safety preparedness.



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