Preventing Alcohol Use During Prom Season


  Mary Jo Cayce is the mother of two teenagers --- and one is getting ready for his Senior Prom.
    She says she isn't worried about her child making a bad decision, but the decisions others make.
   "Grandma always said nothing good happens after midnight. And it just worries me about other people on the road, that might be drunk or high or who knows what." - Mary Jo Cayce
  The East Texas Council on Alcohol and Drug Abuse says 5000 teen deaths occur every year in the US and are due to alcohol related problems , and on prom night 30% more teens are likely to drink. 
     Kilgore High School and this group of parents are trying to change the trend, and change where students go after prom.
   They're organizing a lock-in that is expected to bring in over 200 students to a safe environment. 
    "Organizers say once students enter, there is no leaving" - Kevin Boyce 
  But there are plenty of fun activities to keep kids busy.
  And the school is doing the same thing on graduation night.
    Parent Rodrick Portley says it proves you can have a good time   without alcohol.

    "We don't want them on the streets, we don't want them drinking. But at the same time it's there last time as classmates." -Rodrick Portley

     Parents like Mary Jo Cayce says  telling your children about the danger is best way to prevent it.  
    "You just talk as much as you can about it, and try and make them aware" - Cayce




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