Preventing holiday theft

Preventing holiday theft

TYLER (KYTX) -It's that time of year when thieves are looking for presents to put under their own Christmas trees without paying the price.

That's why Tyler Community Resource Officer James McCraw is spending the month of December handing out bright orange report cards. Just like in school, you can pass or fail.

"You've got something in the back of this particular vehicle, you've got a box that might contain shoes, it might contain who knows what," said Officer McCraw as he looked into the back of an SUV.

Officer McCraw is reminding people in a unique way to keep any valuable items out of sight.

Criminals use this time of year to prey on those of us, who are so caught up in shopping, we forget some very simple, everyday things.

"My camera was stolen out of my glove compartment, I had a real expensive digital camera, I guess I forgot to lock my doors and they stole from my apartment complex," said Kia Crockett.

Officer McCraw says thieves will use any opportunity they can to break into your vehicle.  But, if there's nothing there, they have nothing to take.

"Maybe even go home and make a stop at home and unload that before you head back out, would be some good advice as well," said Officer McCraw. 

Because,  it can take only a matter of moments, for someone to look in your car or truck, and take what you have.

"We're trying to keep scrooge out of your life during the holidays and make it a good one for you," added Officer McCraw.

Tyler police will be handing out more of these reports cards this week.  They've already visited many apartment complexes in the area.  

So, if you want pass the test, make sure your property is out of plain view and your doors are locked.  

There are no penalties or fines if you fail the test.


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