'Purge night' threats concerns Texas residents

THE WOODLANDS (KHOU)-- Thieves and murderers running the streets for one night of violence with no one stopping them, that's the premise of the movie "The Purge." But now posts circulating on social media are calling to bring the big screen to life, threatening a "purge night" in Texas on August 29.

"That there were some cities being called out for the purge and that it was gonna be in The Woodlands," said The Woodlands Resident Iliana Sotiriou, describing the posts she's seen.

The posts name more towns up I-45 too: Conroe, New Waverly and Huntsville.

Montgomery County Sheriff's deputies say they're getting concerned calls, and they're following all leads, but they say it's a hoax. Similar messages have popped up in other cities across the country and all turned out to be fake.

A sequel, "The Purge: Anarchy" just came out in theaters this summer and some people are questioning whether this is all just a marketing scheme.

"It's gotta be a marketing ploy," said Woodlands resident John Leighton. "I mean that's really all it is, just to create hype around it."

But for others, it's raised some very real fears.

"That frightens me and if it frightens me, I'm sure it would terrify other people as well so there should be some kind of recourse behind that, yes of course," said Melinda Myres.

Montgomery County Deputies don't believe they could charge the person posting in our area because the messages haven't specifically mentioned violence, just referencing a "purge."

Most of the folks KHOU 11 talked to say that's OK, they're skeptical, with a small dose of caution.

"Are you taking it seriously?" asked KHOU 11 reporter Alice Barr. The Woodlands resident Amy Cresci answered, "No… Maybe I'll stay home though!"



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